Money & Anxiety

Money, money, MONEY! That’s the topic of this week’s Transforming Anxiety Podcast!

So many of us struggle with stress and anxiety around money. We believe money is inherently stressful. We believe we don’t have what it takes to save more or earn more or create what we want to see in our bank accounts. We hold on to beliefs from our past that create anxiety for us today.

No more, folks. This week we are taking power back re: money.

I created a Money Beliefs Worksheet for you to help you uncover the belief systems and thoughts you’re hanging on to around money…and to help you challenge them and create new belief systems that will serve you in creating whatever financial wealth you want to create for yourself.

Tune in to episode #19 of the podcast to find out:

  • Why you’re stressed around money

  • Where your money anxiety comes from…and what you can do to relieve that anxiety

  • How to further care for yourself by not adding more fuel to the anxiety fire by overspending

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