I am…


…a wife, a momma, a friend and sister and daughter


…a reader, a yogini, a desire-examiner and truth-seeker and peace-pursuer.


I spent a lot of years doing what I was supposed to do, just the expected usual stuff. And I learned a lot and have come to this version of me because of all of that, but then: I shed those disguises. Which was both exhilarating and sorta hairy.


Because there is a vulnerable-warrior-ness in telling people, hey, I don’t want the norm. I don’t do easy. I don’t want a mass-market-paperback life. I don’t want hamburgers or commercial fads or to spend a whole weekend watching sports on television. I don’t want to belong to a book club that won’t entertain the likes of Dickens or to join in a pick-up game of softball or to drink anything out of a keg.


What I do want is to meditate by the water, wearing my Cheshire cat leggings and an armful of mala beads, while on this journey with my boys and my husband, experiencing our culture directly instead of talking to them about it, drinking tea, celebrating the big days and the small days, practicing handstands on the grass, and generally leaving societal pressures behind. Far, far behind. That’s just me.


I’m a big fan of people being exactly who they are. And the work that I do on and off the mat with my students and clients, is helping people live their truth. Sometimes we have to dig a little to find the truth…but it's there if we can listen long enough.


I don’t have any fancy letters after my name, no high-level degrees from prestigious schools or institutions, no nationally-recognized awards on my mantel. I do have my experience and my truth. By telling you my story and sharing my highs and lows, I’m letting you know that I’ve earned the opinions I hold, that I know the hard questions to ask, that my compassion is born of empathy, not pity. And, that I think this work is worth doing. That it’s the most important work of our lives