Emotional Decluttering, Part 1

Have you gotten caught up in the minimalism trend sweeping us all into a box destined for Goodwill? I have. And ever since I did the episode on minimalism and anxiety, I’ve been contemplating tidying up, getting rid of things, decluttering.

Ok, yes, I still like the whole *playing house* thing, sure.

But what about that emotional space inside of us? The rooms of our mind that need a good airing out? The thoughts we need to tidy up or purge altogether?

What about: emotional decluttering?

This week on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast, we're talking about emotional decluttering. And we're going to start off with experiences we need to take a hard look at...things like:








Join me for this episode as we look at each of these experiences individually and challenge their place in our lives. And this is just part 1! Next week, in part 2 of the series on emotional decluttering, we're going to talk about things we want to purposely cultivate more of; basically, the opposite of this list. 😉

And you know I made a guide for you. This stuff was too good to not compile into a worksheet. Click here to download your free guide for emotional decluttering.

Here's to tidying up…

One more thing. As promised in the episode, here is the Bob Newhart skit, “Stop It.” This is in answer to the complaining part of the podcast… :)

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