Being Certain in the Uncertainty

Do you ever feel uncertain?

Yeah, me too. And my clients? They face uncertainty as well. Seems to be part of this whole human experience deal.

I've also seen how uncertainty can freak people out. Things like:

  • What will they think?

  • How's this going to go down?

  • Am I going to have a meltdown?

  • What if I'm anxious?

spin around in our minds and create, yup, MORE uncertainty.

And don't get me started on the uncertainty of what our kids are doing to our finances and our health to the uncertain political climate...

Or heck, go ahead and get me started. That's what we're talking about this week on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast: how do we find some semblance of certainty in the face of alllllllllllll this uncertainty? 

Whether you experience uncertainty about something *out there* or if you feel uncertain about something going on *inside of you*, this episode is going to help you navigate that and find your way back to certainty.

Plus: I created a guide for you. This guide gives you thoughts to think on purpose. Thoughts that create certainty. You can grab your free downloadable guide here.

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