Right and Wrong

This week on The Transforming Anxiety Podcast, we're talking about RIGHT and WRONG. Because: turns out, many of us are pretty consumed by the idea of being right. And we're convinced that something's wrong with us. And how we're feeling is wrong. And we want to be right. But it all feels wrong...

Right vs. wrong mindsets show up a few different ways in our thinking, so we're going to talk about this from 3 different angles:

  • Labeling the feelings, actions, or results in your life "wrong"

  • Confirmation bias

  • One-up and one-down dynamics

Now, if this is something that resonates with you, the extremes of right / wrong thinking, or if you've found yourself in a spiral of labeling the experiences in your life as right or wrong, then click here to schedule a consultation call with me and let's talk about it. I'd love to help you challenge your own right / wrong mindsets and how finding a softer midpoint could impact your work, relationships, parenting, and health.

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