You may:

- have a meltdown, scream at a loved one, walk out, flip him off...

- misspeak, have kind intentions but shitty execution, be overly tired or stressed or distracted and forget something...

- bump into someone, spill something stain-y at someone else's house, crash your car...


These are all things that warrant an apology.


I'm sorry, I didn't handle that well.

I'm sorry, that didn't go quite how I'd planned.

I'm sorry, let me help make this right.


Apologizing for bad behavior, actions gone wrong, and general oopsies is a beautiful thing. Our society could use more of that. Fo' sho'.


What we don't need anymore of, like ever, is people apologizing for who they are. Walking around with heads bent, trying to take up less space, rolling over for others' expectations and opinions. <------- This is the opposite of authenticity.


A sincere apology, delivered from your soul, open-heartedly, while giving unbroken attention and love is a gift.


Apologizing for your very being is never okay.