Your Thoughts, a Science Experiment

Our brains come up with a ridiculous number of thoughts every day. It's almost obnoxious, really. And without giving it any thought or attention, it's assumable that these thoughts are created by *us* personally: that our stream-of-subconscious inner talk is a product of who we are.


But when you take a look at the thoughts you are thinking, you can step out of the current, even for a moment, and just witness them. Which is both a powerful and lovely place to stand.


Most of the thoughts your mind hands up are not worth your time and energy. They are certainly not worth becoming. For in reality, you are not your thoughts. Which is a relief and a tad mind-bendy all at the same time, no?


If you can observe your mind thinking, in a compassionate and curious way, your thoughts become a science experiment in the life of you. And instead of diving in and identifying with your thoughts, you can pick and choose the thoughts you want to believe, the ones that you agree with, the ones that you want to think over and over and over and... And perhaps even more world-rockingly, you can begin to release thoughts that aren't serving you. And not a one of us is short on those (an unfortunate truth...*sigh*).


Play compassionate witness to your mind and its workings. Let your thoughts be a commentary parade walking past you instead of sweeping you away in the crowd. It is both shocking and utterly freeing to notice where your thoughts go...