The Power of Mindset: Introducing The Model

Today is all about the power of mindset. I’m introducing a new tool called The Model. The worksheets for this week will give you a place to do this work and go much deeper than just thinking it through in your head. It’s important to put pen to paper and dive in. Just click here to grab your free worksheets; you’ll want them handy! Here we go…

Everything in the world can be broken down into 5 categories. And you have 100% control over 4 out of the 5 categories…which means you have a *lot* of say in your life.

In this episode I talk through the 5 categories which are:






I also explain how the 5 categories are related to each other:

Circumstances - anything you cannot control that is factual

Thoughts - 1-sentence stories that go through your mind, usually about Circumstances

Feelings - the emotional vibrations that go through your body based on your Thoughts

Actions - your behavior: all of the actions, reactions, overreactions, and inaction that you take based on your Feelings

Results - the ultimate outcome of your Actions

So the Circumstances are neutral, factual reality.

You have a Thought, usually about a Circumstance.

Your Thoughts create your Feelings.

Your Feelings drive your Actions.

Your Actions create all of the Results that you have in your life.

And here’s a bonus for ya: Your Results will always prove your initial Thought to be true.

Best to take a look at how your thinking and make sure it’s on point, huh?

This framework is known as The Model and it’s a game-changer. The Model can completely change your life, from small everyday things to the biggest, wildest dreams you have.

Don’t forget your worksheets - The Model is easiest when it’s all laid out in front of you.

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