The Episode About Thoughts

In episode #5, we talked about the power of mindset and I introduced you to my favorite tool for getting to know yourself, taking responsibility and FULL control over your life, and purposefully creating exactly what you want: from personal relationships to work to parenting to finances to physical health, The Model is my go-to for the “how the heck do I do this?” questions.

So, check that out before you dive into this week’s work. Just click here

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to this week’s episode - we are focusing exclusively on thoughts! Thoughts are the crux of the whole deal. Once you understand the power of your thinking, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do.

You have ~60,000 thoughts every day. Every day. Folks, that’s outrageous. That’s a lot of thinking. And since most of that thinking is the same as yesterday’s thinking and last Tuesday’s thinking and even last year’s thinking, it’s important that we get in there and make sure that thinking is clean. That thinking is running the whole damn show.

In episode #6, I talk about unintentional vs. intentional thoughts and how you can go from witnessing what’s going on in your mind to taking full responsibility for it…hint: this is the fun part.

There are 2 worksheets that go along with episode #6 - you can grab your free worksheets by clicking here. These worksheets will take you step-by-step through the process I outline in the show and make it a no-brainer for you.

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