What is Normal, Anyway?

Let’s admit: we all kinda default to the temptation of normalcy.

We want to seem normal, feel normal, look normal, come off as normal, and have a normal experience of a normal life…

When the going gets rough, and we feel out of control and we’re freeing out, we look around and ask, “is this normal?”

And what we mean is: “am I normal?”

Or, in primal terms: “am I going to get kicked out of the group if I’m not normal?”

Human beings come with programming that prioritizes 'fitting in so that we don’t get left behind, abandoned on the savannah, left to fend for ourselves.

But our modern-day selves need to challenge this archaic programming and question: what is normal, anyway? And do I want to be normal? What is normal for me? What do I want to be normal for me?

Join me for this week’s episode of The Transforming Anxiety Podcast where we examine normalcy, and explore whether this is something you want for yourself. Or not…

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