Chronic Overthinking

Does the term “chronic overthinking” strike a nerve with you? I find that many of my clients (and friends…and family…) struggle with this. We live in a very power-hungry time that encourages high expectations, full of pressure, and ideas about the right, and wrong, ways to do all the things.

And while, sure, we need to plan and organize and schedule our lives and we all have things to do, there is a big difference in the intention behind those actions. The thoughts and feelings that are fueling those actions.

We can pose worst-case scenario what-if questions to ourselves all day long. We can create worry, overwhelm, and confusion.

But there’s another pretty simple option…

We can ask powerful questions of ourselves.

When you put your mind to work on powerful questions, you get powerful answers. You break the cycle of rumination, never-ending loops of dwelling on negativity.

Give your mind something expansive to consider…and it will.

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