The Effects of Anxiety on Your Body

How many times have you pushed off something you want, or even need, to change in your life? How many diets start on Monday? How many closets will get cleaned out in the spring? How many budgets get revisited when the kids go back to school?

We tend to kick the can down the road with things that we think we can take care of “someday”…even if we would benefit enormously from those changes TODAY.

On this week’s episode of the podcast, we’re talking about the toll anxiety takes on your body. Anxiety is an emotion, but it has a physical component, complete with stress hormones and all, that can create short- and long-term problems in our bodies. And it’s something we need to seriously consider…

Join me on this week’s episode to take a closer look at the why behind the need to transform anxiety. It’s more than just simply feeling better…although that’s a significant perk, for sure.

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