The Physical & Emotional Sides of Anxiety

Sometimes we experience the physical side of anxiety, the fight-or-flight stress response part. We feel the sensations of our heart pounding, our palms sweating, and our breath becoming shallow.

And other times we experience the emotional side of anxiety, the feeling part. We feel the vibration of anxiety move through our body as a low hum of discomfort.

But have you really considered these two parts before? Why is it sometimes more physical…and sometimes more emotional? If anxiety is a feeling, how is this physical part so strong?

We’re going to talk about that today and we’re going to bring in a couple other common experiences that are known for having both a physical and emotional aspect: hunger and fatigue.

What do these three sensations and emotions have in common? How can you use your strengths from one of those arenas to help support you in the others? Let’s talk about it…

And, I made a worksheet for you! This one is called…you’re gonna love this…The Worst That Can Happen. As we start integrating the tools I’m sharing with you on the podcast, and bring this new understanding of both the physical and emotional sides of anxiety to the table, we are going to practice experiencing anxiety…and challenging the idea that it’s the worst thing. C’mon along, I promise it won’t bite. This is a safe place to practice.

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