Alcohol & Anxiety

We’re talking about alcohol and anxiety this week…sounds fun, right? ;) I know this is a big topic. I know this is possibly controversial. I know this may even be unpopular. I’m okay with all of that. Because this is a conversation worth having.

Before we get into it, grab your worksheet. This worksheet has a handful of prompts to get you thinking about your relationship with alcohol. Do you use alcohol to react to anxious feelings? Do you use alcohol to avoid doing things you don’t want to be doing? Or do you have a clean mindset around drinking and take action from a really clear space? This is really good to know.

In this episode of The Transforming Anxiety Podcast, we talk through a few angles on alcohol and anxiety:

  • First, some statistics re: alcohol and anxiety. It’s eye-opening to look at the numbers and understand the reality of our society where drinking and anxiety are concerned.

  • Second, we dive into what alcohol is like in your body. I don’t sugarcoat it! This section is GOOD information to remember…it’s not stuff we hear nearly often enough.

  • Third, where do alcohol and anxiety intersect? How do they interact with each other?

Next week we’ll continue through the Lifestyle elements by looking at movement and exercise. See you next week…

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