Freedom from Anxiety: Habits

In Episode #10 of The Transforming Anxiety Podcast, I introduced you to my 3-pillar system to Freedom from Anxiety. And last week, in episode #11, we talked about the first pillar: Mindset. And today, we’re going into HABITS.

No question, Mindset is queen. Mindset is where everything starts and stops…because you’re not creating Habits without a clean mind for sure and, as you’ll see next week, Lifestyle changes are a direct result of a clean mind, too.

I created a separate pillar with Habits because I believe they’re the glue to this whole system. Habits are the magic that send your conscious wants and desires into your unconscious mind. Habits are what automate the whole thing. Habits, basically, are what make this easy.

I’ve created an awesome cheatsheet for you that goes along with this episode. Who doesn’t love a cheatsheet? This guide is helpful in identifying your tendency (i.e. where you’re at when your mind is left to its own devices) so that you know your starting point. And it goes into the 4 laws for creating (and breaking!) habits. You know how I love a step-by-step system… :)

Grab your cheatsheet here. It’s a handy one to have around…

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