You're In 100% Control of How You're Going to React

I've had hundreds of conversations on stress, worry, and anxiety. As a coach and a yoga teacher, these are the commonest of the common topics. And I've noticed that people who are really mired in these emotions feel as if they have no control where stress, worry, and anxiety are concerned.


That's how I am.


That's how I deal with stuff.


That's how anyone would react.


This may seem true: when your modus operandi has become stressing out or overly worrying or having a panic attack, you keep teaching yourself that this is a reasonable response to this situation. And then this situation. And then *this* situation...


Here's what's really true:


You're in 100% control of how you're going to react. (And that's a lot of control.)


Getting grounded in this reality is a homecoming to your true self. Instead of auto-piloting in on a tornado of intensity, you can own your answer to whatever life hands you.