Why Do You Want?

We all want all sorts of things: the first million, the lover, the corner office, the couture, the convertible, the condo in the mountains. And we go around wanting and acknowledging others’ wants and understanding wanting from the perspective of our kids, friends, family. We fuel want. We fully get the notion of want.


But why do we want what we want?


Excavate the real reason, the ground impetus, for why you want what you want. Whatever it is you think you want, this little nugget, the why of it all, will give you more. It will give you what you need.


Want the promotion? Perhaps you’re after the credit. Want to rock your skinny jeans? Maybe you’re looking to feel sexy. Want to win Mom of the Year? Or does it have more to do with feeling prized…?


When you sit down with the big, bad want and you look at all the answers to the why, you’ll find out that what you think you want is really just an expression, out there in the world, of a feeling that you want to feel. Doubtless, you’ll think that if you had more cash in the bank, you really would feel more secure. That if you had the hot car, you really would have more fun.


But consider why you’re chasing the credit, the sexy, feeling prized, the security, the fun. Do you give yourself the credit, think you’re sexy, prize yourself, feel secure with yourself, have fun with yourself?


Don’t just want. Don’t sit around and wait for whatever it is to come into your life so that you can start feeling how you want to feel. Choose to create that feeling for yourself right here, right now.