We Are All Interconnected in This Way

All of us live in and among people. The truths (or lies) you tell, the cars you drive by (or cut off) on the highway, the emotions that vibrate through your body and direct your actions (or overreactions), the patience and kindness (or impatience and rudeness) you show the strangers you encounter on the street affect you and affect the people that you live in and among. We are all interconnected in this way.


It is a fundamental part of the human experience to feel alone, isolated, like you don't belong, utterly separate. But guess what? You, me, that guy, her, the boss, the barista, the janitor, the child, the writer, the teacher, the homeless guy on the corner <------ everyone has felt alone, isolated, like they don't belong, utterly separate. We are all interconnected in this way, too.


I adhere to the definition of spirituality as *all of the aspects of ourselves that are not physical*. I cannot physically grasp the connection between you and me. I believe in it instead. And if you believe in that connection, too? Well, then. We are all interconnected in this way, too...


The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.

~ Yasutani Roshi, Zen master


I am not *here* and you are not *there*. We are all interconnected.