I'm Not Going Down Like That

You could: stay small, think it but not say it, keep the habit, not question the belief, go along with it, let the expectations/obligations/guilt come on in, play by the rules, turn around, let your head crowd out your heart, ignore your gut, sleep in.


Orrrrrrr, you could: go big, marinate on it and then shout it from the balcony, put down the wine, go with grace, say *no* when you feel a no, let 'em have their own opinions about you, write new rules, stand your ground, close your eyes and feel it with your heart, go with your intuition even when it's not clear where that's gonna lead, sleep in...


{...sleeping in makes both lists because sometimes sleep is hiding and sometimes sleep is sacred. Get to know the difference for your body and take radical responsibility for it.}


When you have all the options laid out in front of you (and most of us do, daily), you can make some life-saving rulings. For yourself. You can choose to recognize your fear and the ruts you're in and acknowledge that you're playing house in your comfort zone.


And here's what: I'm not going down like that. The fearful, rutted, house-playing way.


For the record, in case the record of this piece is ever referenced in some official capacity, there's fear in letting go of the fear. At least, it feels like fear in our physical bodies. But it vibrates on a higher plane and so it's actually akin to clarity, presence, love, and truth. I'm willing to hang out with something that masquerades as fear if it means opening myself up to a greater me, a me who is walking on my path more often than I'm veering off my path, a me who is closer to the inner truth, soul, muse, and very core of who I am as a being.


"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
~ Mary Oliver


...and how are *you* going to go down?