The Conscious & the Unconscious

This week we are talking about the conscious and the unconscious: the two sides of your cognition that work together to create your awareness, knowledge, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, identity…and so much more.

Here’s the secret to these two halves: most of your thoughts and feelings lie below the conscious level, so you’re not even actively aware of what’s going on in your mind or how you’re feeling. The trick is to use your conscious thinking to influence your unconscious thinking, so that your habits, beliefs, and identities work for you, not against you.

I’ve created a *conscious and unconscious thinking* cheatsheet for you, so grab that here.

To find out more about Annie Grace and her work, go to her website here. I recommend her book This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol in the episode.

To find out more about Dr. John Sarno and his work, go to his website here. I recommend his book Healing Back Pain in the episode.

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