Comfort & Familiarity

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Let's talk about comfort zones for a minute, ok? We all describe the place we are right now, this moment, as being in our comfort zone. This is the place where we think we are comfortable.

And yet...

...I hear from so many people who are not comfortable where they are. They are anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and worried. They are overspending, overeating, and overdrinking. They are zoning out in front of social media and Netflix. They are seeing the results of their discomfort in their relationships, waistlines, and bank accounts.

How can we be in our comfort zones and be so obviously uncomfortable?

That’s what we’re talking about on this week’s episode of The Transforming Anxiety Podcast.

I don't think we're in our comfort zones at all. I think we're in our familiarity zones.

We settle in to things that are familiar. We like routine and our brains are programmed to fall into habit. It makes sense that we stick with what's familiar...but I want to challenge how we're thinking and talking about it.

Join me this week and let's challenge our thinking about comfort, discomfort, familiarity, and habit together, whaddya say?

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