What is Anxiety Like for You?

Episode #2 of The Transforming Anxiety Podcast is all about you: this path has to be specific to your experience in order to get the clarity necessary for transformation.

In this episode we start with triggers and understanding the catalyst for your anxiety. From there, we move into the sensation of anxiety and how you can start to get familiar with it. I know this sounds like you’re practically inviting the enemy into your home for tea, but stay with me: understanding the sensations of anxiety is a really important part of this process.

Of course I made a freebie for you to support you as you do this work. I’m not going to leave you hanging! To get this week’s free worksheet, just click here! Take some time to work through this one, and return to a blank copy of this worksheet any time you need to. I’m with you.

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Next week is all about escape. We all try to escape from anxiety. It seems like the best option most of the time! But we’ll talk through the reality of emotions and how escape doesn’t do you any favors. So stay tuned for that. Until then, take care. :)

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