3 Ways to Transform Anxiety Today

Welcome to Episode #1 of the Transforming Anxiety Podcast! I’m thrilled you’ve landed here. You can listen in by clicking the link above.

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I created a special e-book just for this episode! I start this show by talking about 3 ways to think about and define anxiety (because only from real understanding can we begin to create transformation). From there, I get into the 3 ways you can transform anxiety today. You don’t have to wait to create real and lasting change in your life. Some of the most profound changes can happen in a just a few minutes…if you are deeply aware and committed to creating healthy and nourishing change.

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I’ll be back next week! We’re going to talk about what happens when we try to escape from anxiety. It’s a pretty common reaction to this emotion, so be sure to join me for that episode. Until then, take care!

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