How Essential Oils are Useful in Recovering from Anxiety

I have reached for all kinds of things to help numb the pain of anxiety: alcohol, food, shopping, bad relationships, Netflix, prescription meds, games on my phone…lots of unhealthy things. Things that maybe seemed like they worked, to varying degrees, but things that were going to create compounding issues in my life because: these are not the healthiest of coping mechanisms.

Over a loooooong period of time, I began to experiment with more nourishing ways to deal with anxiety. There are many more healthy tools that I turn towards now (yoga, tea, meditation, clean eating, quality sleep)…and one of them is essential oils.

There are numerous oils that are helpful for promoting positive emotions and there are a variety of ways that oils go to work in your sweet body in order to transform your feelings. But the most obvious way is through your nose. :)

Your sense of smell is strongly tied to your mood, memories, and emotions. This olfactory connection is the reason aromatherapy is so powerful: scent is directly plugged in to your emotions, so what you’re smelling can dramatically affect how you’re feeling.

You’ve had the deja vu experience of smelling something and having a memory slam into your mind like you were there yesterday, right? The immediacy of this can make you feel as if you’re time-traveling into a situation, and all of those emotions, in an instant. Or how about the experience of walking into Grandma’s house and being greeted by freshly-baked cinnamon rolls? That welcome smell can quickly shift you from whatever was going in your day to feelings of safety, homecoming, and love.

I tell you all of this because using essential oils to support your recovery from anxiety is the real deal. Oils are a powerful tool and inviting your body into the healing process is an important step in creating a holistic recovery.

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