How To Be the Solution Provider in Your Home Using EO

Essential oils are good for all sorts of stuff: supporting your physical health, promoting high-vibration emotions, meditation, soothing sore muscles, caring for your skin, cleaning… And I can’t say enough great things about oils and what they do for our bodies, minds, and spirits. I’m not underestimating things to say getting into essential oils has been life-changing for me.

But you wanna know one of my the biggest perks *for me* where oils are concerned? I feel truly empowered. I am the solution provider in my home, with my family, for my kids. And it feels amazing.

1. Knowing the Right Oil to Help

When one of my sons has a bug bite or a tummy ache or a fever, I know exactly which oil to reach for. When I get a pimple or have cramps or feel a headache creeping in, I know the oils that will work best for me. When my husband has a sore muscle or my neighbor is struggling with allergies or my Mom’s friend is looking for a plant-based, natural alternative to her load of prescriptions, I know where to turn for answers and how to help.

Arming myself with quality resources and a solid team of essential oil professionals who are as keen about the science, efficacy, and research on oily products as I am has been a wonderful journey. Essential oils are safe, cost-effective, and quick - these suckers WORK. I have experimented with various oils over the years to understand my own bioindividuality and hone the ideal blends and dosages / dilutions for me and my family. These things come with time and an open mind; the basics are readily available (I will help you!) and simple to apply.

2. Creating a Toxin-Free Home

It’s no secret that household cleaning products are full of toxic chemicals that you don’t want near your body. But what about laundry detergent? Dryer sheets? Candles? Scented plug-ins? Hand soap?

Hormone-disrupting, cancer-causing chemicals are hiding in all sorts of everyday household products. More and more information is coming out everyday (like this and this and this) and our society is notoriously slow in reacting to hard evidence and banning harmful ingredients.

Rather than wait for the powers-that-be to catch up to what the scientists are telling us, essential oils empower me to take control for myself, in my home, with my family. I feel good using plant-based oils for my cleaning and washing…and it’s so simple to make your own cleaners, diffuse oils to give a room an uplifting scent, and rely on the power of plants to purify your home.

3. Promoting Health & Wellness

Instead of feeling like I’m continually on the defense where seasonal threats (cold and flu season, bug bites, and allergies), everyday issues (digestive irritations, stress and anxiety, and quality sleep), and the roller coaster of emotions (in a household of kids, adults, pets, the business of running a family, school, and being an entrepreneur) are concerned, I feel positively proactive.

I keep our diffusers going year-round with oils to support our bodies, the season, and whatever aromatherapy feels good at the moment. I have my “little black bag” of go-to oils for the run-of-the-mill illnesses and issues that come up with 2 active elementary-school-aged boys. I always have a supply of emotional oils on-hand to help defuse anger and frustration, and to encourage peace and forgiveness.

Living in a proactive way that promotes physical health and overall wellbeing feels really good as a Mom and entrepreneur. No one has time to be down and out, plus we prefer to turn to Mother Nature and plant-based products to support our bodies and emotions every. single. time.

Over the past few years, I have truly made my, and my family’s, health my hobby. Caring for our bodies, emotions, and home is not a chore that I dread or feel burdened with. Viewing our health through the lens of curiosity has opened my eyes to the realities of big-box, brand-name products and has been a fascinating education in the bureaucracy of our society. Assumptions that consumers, parents, and caregivers make everyday are wildly out of sync with the greed of business and the hunger for more profits. From the funding of pharmaceutical studies to the overly-processed food consumed by the vast majority of our population to the outrageous allowances granted thanks to political lobbying, our culture is conditioned into beliefs and habits that focus on pocketbooks instead of true wellbeing.

If you are interested in incorporating essential oils into your home and learning more, please hit the button below to contact me and learn more…

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