Natural Healing for Anxiety - Live Event!

Stacie Robertson, owner of The Tea Market in Kansas City, has been a teacher of mine for a long time. In tea, in business, in wellness, in how to make the perfect lavender lemonade. :) Lots of important stuff. And now, we are teaching together!

If you are in the KC area and want to join me *in person* (squee!), our first class will be held May 18th at 7pm at The Tea Market. If you are *not* in the KC area, hang tight...we are going to be recording these classes in the near future so that we can share them with you via the wonders of the internet.

We are bringing together some of our favorite tools to deal with anxiety. Tea and essential oils are wonderfully pragmatic tools to have nearby when anxiety flares up. Specific breathing techniques and meditations are also really impactful practices to incorporate into your daily life. Stacie and I will teach you about all of these and how they affect and ease the experience of anxiety so that you can easily introduce them and start utilizing them in your day-to-day routine.

There will be lots of tea! And we will answer all of your questions. And I would really love to see your faces in real life. Come join us!

Reservations required, $8 fee for class. You can always email me if you have any questions and call (816) 822-9832 to register!