Be Your Own Champion

We live in a *power* time. There's a lot of encouragement and momentum *forward*. Better. More. Bigger. Another. New. Different. Change...


When you talk with children, it's tempting to ask them what they want to be when they grow up: a teacher? a doctor? an astronaut? In goal-setting arenas or work-related environments, the eye is always on the next prize: the promotion, the launch, the next big banana. Even in your home, you look around and see what needs doing: the bathroom remodel that you haven't had the money for, the pile of clean (!) laundry that you don't ever take the time to put away, the basement that keeps collecting stuff that you don't know what else to do with.


But by living right here and now, you're being. By keeping your eyes on today, instead of the 5-year plan, you're being. By settling in with who you are instead of hanging your hat on who you want to be, you're being. <----- This is practice towards cultivating presence. And connection. And understanding. And acceptance. So, basically a lot of good stuff.


Children don't need to grow up to become who they're going to be. Living every day is the experience of being who they are. At the work you do in the world, you don't have to constantly focus on where you're headed. You can just be here, doing the best work that you can today, right now. Even at home, you don't have to remodel or pick up or clean out. You can just inhabit your home.


You know I love a good contradiction. And there are so many ways in which we are fulfilled by reaching and expanding and growing. I love a good plan, a northward direction, a shiny dream. But if we search and make goals and look for change at the expense of today, then I'm afraid we're missing out.


Your life doesn't need to change for you to be who you want to be. You don't need anything more or additional to feel good. You don't need accolades or praise or big love from anyone else in order to get where you're going. Connecting to today will take you further than all of that.


So: be your own champion. Be your own champion for who you are right now. Be your own champion for your today and current moment. Be your own champion for yourself. And if you want to go for the gold, by all means do it. Just don't lose track of the present...