Proximity = Power

Whatever is in close proximity to you carries power. We all appreciate a certain amount of ease and convenience in our lives, which is why this is fundamentally true. It's handy when your kids play with the kids next door; it's tempting to grab for whatever's in the pantry when you get hungry; it's a no-brainer to pick up your phone and check your email/the news/Facebook/texts/the weather/etcetera-ad-nauseum when it's always in your pocket. When something is within reach, it exerts a certain amount of power in your life...especially if you're operating on auto-pilot.


Without a dose of consciousness around the people and things that are literally within arm's reach in your life, you may be sliding into decisions instead of making deliberate choices. Ice cream in the freezer means you're making it easy to eat ice cream; not making the effort to ask for an out-of-town friend's advice means that you're not reconnecting there; hiding your bike in the back of the garage behind the tool chest makes it a chore to join the kids in the afternoon bike ride around the neighborhood.


Identifying this little tidbit has created some shifts in my life. Foods that I want to be sure to eat are not only always stocked, but made simple to grab and prepare (i.e. cutting up veggies on the weekend so that a weeknight stir fry doesn't involve any chopping). Tools that I want or need in my everyday life have prime real estate in my house, like my yoga mat and my son's Spider-Man lunchbox (that one may seem silly, but it just makes things easier in the morning). Things I want to reach for before falling asleep are purposely arranged on my nightstand: essential oilsguided imagery audios, and the novel I'm currently reading.


This takes some rearranging and prioritizing, of stuff and of time. It takes some trial and error. It's likely to shift with the seasons, your preferences, and life's overall general changes. It begs some new, aka out-of-the-comfort-zone, experiences and turns off some habits that you may have held for years. In short, it takes some effort.


But, y'know, most of the good stuff takes some effort.


And just because I always love a good contradiction or two, this isn't to say that proximity can't introduce you to some great things. I've had really meaningful friendships with neighbors simply because they were close by; I've tried new foods only because they were shelved right next to something that I bought every week; I've taken yoga classes that were offered at a local studio just because they're down the street. It's only when proximity makes it easy to be lead away from who you want to be that things get a bit hairy.


What would you need to rearrange or seek out or focus your efforts on in order to make proximity work for you? What you you need to put away or get rid of or stop buying? Proactively making it easier for yourself when time is short or willpower is low does just that: makes it easier for you. Here's to keeping the good stuff close...



*All links in this post are things I personally love and highly recommend. I'm not affiliated with any of the companies except for Young Living Essential Oils. If you'd like more information on essential oils, you can email me!