Prioritize Your Heart

We are information people. We know more, research quickly, can gather data or videos or headlines in mere seconds. We are inundated with messages we don’t even want. We are overstimulated by facts and news and marketing.


We know a lot, but we understand little.


What if we prioritized our hearts? Looked for awareness around who we are as people; strove for conscious relationships with our lovers and children and friends; tried for communication over busy-ness, connection over greed, love over accomplishments.


We live in a world steered by knowledge. How different things would look if we were guided by intuition, guts, soul…guided by our hearts. We wouldn’t need anything to back it up. We would say to one another, “I just feel this is right” or “I know this to be true deep down” and we’d all agree that that was the concrete evidence we needed.


What if we didn’t try to change the world, but our own little corners of the cosmos? You prioritize your heart, and that guy will prioritize his heart, and I’ll prioritize my heart. And our family and co-workers and neighbors will sense a shift. And it’ll be small, but meaningful. We’ll know each other in a more authentic way, we’ll start listening with our whole beings, and we’ll make magic…