*Awareness* as an Emotional Vaccine

Your physical body has an entire system devoted to its wellbeing, caretaking, and overall protection. Your immune system doesn't need any attention or encouragement from you to do its thing, it just hums along organically and smoothly. As if that weren't enough, you are lucky enough to live in an era rich with modern medicine, vaccinations, and brilliant medical doctors readily  available everywhere from the largest cities to the smallest rural towns. Your physical self has a seemingly limitless capacity to heal itself from the inside out, plus countless other options to help it along if necessary.


What about your emotional wellbeing, though?


There is no biological system that keeps your emotional landscape healthy and energized, there is no way to ignore the inner workings of your thoughts and feelings and then magically feel better because some part of your anatomy did its job. There is no little injection you can get for added protection against negativity or scarcity.


I believe your best defense, the best way to arm your emotional self, is through awareness. Awareness gives you the benefit of knowledge. Awareness gives you the gift of becoming your own most compassionate witness. Awareness is the key to getting to know and understand yourself. Which is the great work of your life...at least, methinks so.


While your white blood cells are going to town keeping your physical body sound, take care of your soul by bringing awareness with you everywhere. Into your thoughts, your patterns, the energy you have around certain actions. Your emotional wellbeing is 100% under your control. It just takes a conscious and deliberate attention. Awareness...