A Million Tiny Decisions

In anything you practice {yoga or parenting or, y'know, life} there is a North Star. The full form of the pose; full patience and presence with your children; showing up, grounded and authentic and open. These stars are firm directions on the compass of your soul. How you navigate is up to a million tiny decisions. For instance...


It is a million tiny decisions to choose health and wealth over wine and a new pair of boots.

It is a million tiny decisions to choose knowing and living your truth over pretending to be someone you're not.

It is a million tiny decisions to choose a path that brings you more alive over one that leads to a smaller version of yourself.


You don't choose once. The work is almost never done. There is no "there" there. This may sound like we all have a lot of work ahead of us {we do}. But waking up every day and making yet another in a long string of tiny decisions towards your North Star is what you can do: it's the *most important* thing you can do.


Wherever you want to make changes or re-focus or devote energy, go into it knowing there are a million tiny decisions. You set yourself more firmly down the right path when you're prepared. And being prepared for change and re-focusing and the devotion of energy will require great things. In the small packages of a million tiny decisions...