Sell the Goat

In Judith Lasater's book Living Your Yogashe tells a story about a villager living in a small house with his wife, mother-in-law, six children, a cow, and some chickens. Things were a little snug and the villager was losing his mind with all of the chaos and noise. So he went to the village rabbi to get some advice: how could he get some order in his home? The rabbi advised the villager to buy a goat. The villager was thrilled to have an actionable suggestion and bought a goat right away. Of course, the goat added to the uproar and made living conditions even more unbearable. The villager returned to the rabbi and explained how difficult things had gotten with the addition of the goat. The rabbi again had some advice: sell the goat. When the villager sold the goat and returned home, he reveled in the newfound quiet and space in his small house.


Sometimes, the issues that plague you are simply a matter of perspective. It seems crowded and loud until something shifts and you find just how crowded and loud things can really get. What a relief, then, to sell the goat and get back to life as usual.


I find that it's all good and well to talk things through; it's a whole other ballgame to *do* something about with the situation at hand and create what you want in your life. When you get it intellectually, but you don't believe it in your soul, then what? That's when a pragmatic, real-life task comes in to play.


Selling the goat is exactly the real-life strategy that we all need from time to time.


Look at the situation anew. Find the goat. And then: sell it.