Winter Diffuser Blend

When it started snowing in mid-November, I knew it was time to set my sights on winter and cozying up. I love diffusing seasonal blends around my home. If you get stuck in some of the same ruts that I do, here’s a new one for the winter (especially when there’s snow on the ground!):

💧 2 drops Siberian Fir

💧3 drops Peppermint

💧2 drops Wild Orange

This blend smells divine, but there is more to it than just smelling great. I always love knowing the why behind my essential oils, so I dug into the science and found some great stuff on this combination.

First up, Siberian Fir! This is one of my favorite oils and although it’s not necessarily in daily rotation around here, it’s one that I’m eager to include in protocols or diffuser blends because I love the earthy, grounded aroma of the fir oils. Quick trivia sidebar for you: do you know the difference between pine trees and fir trees? Pine trees’ needles are attached to the tree in groups of two, three, or four; fir trees’ needles are attached to the branch individually. #themoreyouknow Anyway…one of the main chemical constituents of Siberian Fir is bornyl acetate, which is responsible for the wonderful Christmas-tree aroma, but also (!) acts as an anti-inflammatory, making it wonderful for sore muscles and injuries (1). Another is alpha-Pinene, which has been shown to have antimicrobial properties and aid memory (2). Basically, come for the great scent, stay for the health benefits. This is a great oil to have around.

Next, Peppermint. Nothing wintry would be complete without eau de candy cane, right? Peppermint is one of the most common essential oils and it’s one that I personally use every single day. Of course the aroma is unmistakable; this oil acts as a natural breath freshener and is a great addition to a cup of tea or glass of water to brighten things up. Peppermint is wonderful on your chest to encourage any congestion to open up. I also use a few drops of Peppermint on the shower floor to make the bathroom into a minty spa on cold, winter mornings when the air is especially dry and my sinuses are feeling it! Exciting research shows that Peppermint oil also boosts cognitive function and alertness; and this is wonderful to hear when we have long or demanding work days, feel energy dipping in the afternoons, or just need to get our heads back in the game when we’ve been at it for a long time (3). Peppermint is great stuff.

Lastly, Wild Orange, mmm. This oil is a favorite in my household; my boys call it Wacky Orange, Zany Orange, Outrageous Orange…whatever the mood calls for. This is also on heavy rotation with my diffuser; it goes in blends from morning to night! All citrus oils are known for their uplifting and energizing qualities. Plus they’re just delightful out of the bottle - put a drop in a glass of water, rub some on your feet for a pick-me-up, or blend with other fall favorites like Cinnamon, Clove, and Cardamom for seasonal aromatherapy. One of my favorite things about citrus oils, and Wild Orange in particular, is its effect on anxiety. As you know, anxiety is my thing. But whether you use this one on your skin, in your water, or in the diffuser, its anxiety-reducing properties are with you (4).

Blending these three amazing oils into one diffuser blend is a great way to welcome the winter and celebrate the season, while supporting your physical and emotional health. Click the button below to schedule a complementary 15-minute consultation with me to get these oils into your hands!

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