I Quit Sugar

This is the first week of the 8-week I Quit Sugar Program that the amazing Sarah Wilson and her team created. The past few days have been busy with preparation: stocking up, getting rid, and generally getting my mind on-board with yet another seemingly crazy food plan and commitment (which you can read about here and here).


Going through Whole30 showed me a lot of things about myself: obviously the crux of the experiment is the food that you're putting into your body, but going through a radical change in diet and making a deep promise to yourself to see that change all the way through is a heap-ton more emotional than it is epicurean.


Maybe it's because it's a new thing for me to do such a deep dive food-wise. Or maybe it's because I'm simply not mature enough to hold myself to a "Kelly Program" and only eat what I know works for me and my body (this is a strong possibility). But short-term diet-related commitments like this really work for and motivate me. Logically it's "only 8 weeks", but I know the experiment creates new habits that will stick around without much effort on my part. Win, win.


I'm a remarkably slow study in most life-changing things and food is not the first thing that I've belatedly internalized the importance of, while simultaneously taking baby steps towards a bigger shift. Per my normal, I have been feeling pulled in a more focused direction but it took me a minute to wake up to the overall plan. Radically cleaning up my diet has such far-reaching improvements in my entire life. I sleep better, feel consistently better throughout my day, and am generally more clear-headed and alert. I've got more energy, more patience, and more ambition. I'm a better version of myself when I'm being very particular about the food that I'm putting into my body. Which was, and continues to be, a surprising revelation for me. I honestly didn't think my diet would play such a role. Food seemed like such a sharp left turn away from the usual suspects in the ongoing "mesearch" of understanding myself, improving myself, and plain ol' getting to know myself.


I tell you all of this in case it's something that may help you as well. In case you've been barking up the same trees as I only to find that living your most true and best-feeling life still seems tricky or unavailable in some situations. In case you're looking for something that *is* different than the usual tools and resources for being the best you that you can be. In case you needed the nudge and encouragement to make a dramatic change in an aspect of your life that you hadn't really considered.


I've started a Facebook group for quitting sugar and you can join us here. Even if you don't want to quit sugar entirely, come hang out and grab some new recipes and ideas from the crew. It's a great bunch of people. Here are a few of the recipes that are on my list for this week:

Meal-in-a-Biscuit Crackers

Big Breakfast Muffins

Potato Bake with Rosemary & Cheddar