This is the place to be for all things anxiety + coaching + transforming panic + soulful conversations + asking big questions + impassioned work. Plus it's heavy on the love.


My personal struggle with anxiety and panic is my chief credential. I've been in the trenches with you. I have read the books, talked to the therapists, done the meditations. I have felt frustrated, embarrassed, hopeless. Nothing was resonating with me, nothing was helping me free the grip of anxiety. So I stopped researching and started "mesearching". I stopped reading and started experimenting. Years of thought work and holistic tools and personal experience have been poured into my work. I believe the ideas and exercises I teach are the most empowering way out of the enclosure of anxiety.


Do you understand the cause of anxiety? Knowing where anxiety begins helps you to unravel the whole issue behind this big emotion. Do you know what the real problem with anxiety is? Most of us think anxiety is the problem...but the problem has everything to do with your thoughts, not the emotions {i.e. anxiety} that you're feeling. Have you identified how you try to deal with anxiety? Understanding your habits and patterns when anxiety shows up in your life gives you clarity that will only lead to more insight, knowledge, and ultimately connection with yourself.

Are you ready to transform your anxiety? My coaching and self-paced programs will step you through all of it - from the beginning flashes of anxiety, to common things we humans do in the face of the discomfort of anxiety, to reframing anxiety and it's purpose in your life, and what you can do to ultimately overhaul your relationship with anxiety.


I want to talk to *you*. I want to hear about your experience with anxiety. Book a 15-minute mini-session with me and let's start working together to reduce your anxiety. We will talk about things you can put into work in your life right away. We will strategize how you can move away from anxiety...and move towards a life filled with an emotional landscape that you create, consciously and deliberately.


I can't wait to work with you. XO