It's hard to say exactly when I started practicing yoga.

I took my first yoga class during college, downtown Milwaukee, not far from Lake Michigan. I had no idea what I was doing, but yoga seemed like something I *should* be doing, so I found classes around town at various studios with a diverse cast of teachers. There was nothing "practiced" about it. But there was a pull...

Then I moved to Chicago and found an amazing yoga studio with all the yoga-celebrities coming through and classes every hour and dozens of hot, sweaty bodies moving through serious and advanced practices. The pull deepened, but I had not found a yoga home.

Finally I moved home, to Kansas City, and became an unofficial yoga tourist. I went to every studio in town, tried every teacher and style. The pull was even stronger now, but still my practice was casual and haphazard, messy and illogical, more drive-by than let's-do-this.

Then, I went on the hunt for a yoga teacher training.

Armed with a strong, if chaotic, practice, the pull was turning into a calling: I wanted to teach yoga. I wanted to offer this practice to others, connect with people over this shared experience, serve students as a witness and supporter in the journey on and off the mat. But first, I needed a true teacher of my own. A clear guide and mentor. I didn't want to buy a certification I didn't believe in...I wanted to learn the art of teaching yoga.

That is when I found James Miller and Adamantine® Yoga.

Adamantine® Yoga was still in its infancy when I first traveled to Des Moines to meet James for a weekend immersion in the winter of 2012. Guided Self Practice (GSP) had a small, but loyal, following out of his home loft. This brand-new style was picking up where normal group classes fell short: Adamantine® Yoga meets everyone where they're at, it provides a way of connecting directly with each student, and it aims to bring complete balance to the physical body while offering a basic but liberating way of realizing full self-connection and awareness. I had found the right path.

I have been practicing Adamantine® Yoga ever since and have watched not only my practice, but my entire being, deepen as a result. I know more about who I am, what my habits are, where some of my idiosyncrasies and hesitations will show up...both on and off the mat. The process has been, and continues to be, an awakening and a homecoming.

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