A Whole New Approach to Taming Anxiety

This online course is a self-study taught over the course of 1 week, using 3 specific tools, each designed to cultivate a new level of self-care. These daily practices are crafted with the goal of supporting your mind & body on your path of taming anxiety.


How it Works

A package of goodies will arrive in your real-life mailbox the week of June 18th. Clear & simple instructions will come with your essential oils & tea, & you'll receive information about accessing your meditation & breathwork via email. Starting June 24th, you'll receive a daily email for 7 days to further guide & support your self-study.

Prior to starting, you will have the opportunity to get clear on your *starting point* by following prompts designed to draw out your current experience with anxiety. At the end of the self-study week, you will return to those prompts in order to check-in with yourself & see the changes that you can create in just 7 days.

Before we close our time together, we will hold a live webinar via Zoom that includes group coaching, a Q&A with Kelly & Stacie, & any final thoughts or additions to the work that we have done together. You're invited to attend live, but we will send out a replay to anyone who cannot make the call.


Why it Works

Dedicating 7 days to a nourishing self-care regimen will plant the seeds for lasting change in your life. By providing you with tangible tools plus daily emails for inspiration, you're less likely to get sidetracked & forget you signed up for this course in the first place! Beginning your morning with a mantra tying the 3 tools into your life sets the tone for your whole day...and week.

You are capable of establishing new habits in your life. Utilizing healthy tools every day helps literally rewire your brain & create new ways of being. Small, simple shifts add up to a complete personal transformation.

Taming anxiety is well within your reach. These practices are tools that I use in my life every single day & I offer them here to you only because I have seen dramatic changes in my own life courtesy of a dedication to these practices. This work is available to you. Let's do this...


What's Included:


Essential Oils

Your goodie bag will include 3 essential oil samples along with simple instructions for how to use them. No guesswork, no overwhelm...just pure, therapeutic aromatherapy.

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Meditation & Breathwork

Instructions for how to access a guided meditation + some breathwork techniques specifically designed to slow your body down in the face of anxiety will be coming to you via email. 



You will also receive enough tea to get you through the week! We have chosen 2 herbal blends so that you can enjoy a cup morning, noon, & night.


A Wellness Collaboration by Kelly & Stacie

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Kelly McCormick

Kelly is a certified holistic coach & yoga teacher, writer, essential oil geek, soon-to-be Tea Health Expert, meditation student, & lifelong learner.

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Stacie Robertson

Stacie is an STI-certified Tea Specialist, the founder & owner of Tea Market in Kansas City, a certified holistic health coach through IIN, & a doTERRA Team Leader.